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Valentine’s Day 2022: 10 Zero-Waste Date Night Ideas

Ready to become an eco-conscious romantic for Valentine’s Day 2022? Read this blog for 10 zero-waste date night ideas.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the time has come again to think of new and original date night ideas to enjoy with your loved one. If your goal for the year is to live a greener lifestyle, you might want to consider how certain activities could impact the environment.

Instead of spending big on single-use gifts, why not try one of our zero-waste date night ideas? Eco-conscious romantics – read on to explore our complete list!

Valentine’s Day 2022: Zero Waste Date Night Ideas

1. Cook Together from Scratch

Going out for a romantic meal can be draining on both your budget and your local environment. Restaurants are one of the biggest culprits of food waste, with between 4 and 10% of purchased food never reaching customers’ plates.

Here’s our most straightforward low-waste date idea yet: eat at home and cook from scratch. According to Virginia Woolf, a person can’t love well if they’ve not eaten well, so why not combine the two together?

Choose a hearty plant-based casserole or curry and prepare the meal together with a romantic soundtrack in the background. To eliminate waste altogether, throw any scraps or leftovers into your FoodCycler for the ultimate eco date night!

2. Plan a Gardening Project

While the weather is still pretty chilly outside for those of us in Canada, February is a great time to start planning a garden project. If you live with your partner and love to nurture your outdoor space, this is a great activity you can do together.

Light a fire, curl up under a blanket and pour yourself a drink. Once you’re all set up, flick through some gardening magazines or browse online for some inspiration. Working on something creative together can build unbreakable bonds, so this is the perfect Valentine’s Day date idea.

3. Go for a Country Walk

There’s nothing quite like a walk in the countryside to make you appreciate the world around you, right? If you and your loved one have been spending a little too much time inside lately, it’s time to get into the great outdoors.

Pull on your walking boots, wrap up warm and go for a walk somewhere local to you. To keep things zero-waste, take your own flask of tea or coffee and choose a spot within walking distance. If you’re based in a city, your local park could be a brilliant place to sit and chat while enjoying the scenery.

4. Plan a Games Night

Ready, steady, GO… it’s time for a romantic games night. If you live with your other half, you may have forgotten how to have fun together amidst your busy schedules. Hunkering down with your favourite board games is a great Valentine’s date night idea, especially if you’ve got a competitive streak.

If you don’t have any board games to hand, have a browse online for some digital games you can play on your phone or iPad. These are usually free to download, and it won’t matter if you never decide to use them again.

5. Create a Spa at Home

Spa trips are some of the most popular date night ideas, but they can be super expensive and often require us to drive long distances. If you’re looking for a zero-waste option for Valentine’s Day 2022, why not create your own spa instead?

Here’s our favourite vegan massage oil recipe for an intimate night at home!

  • Fill a glass jar with extra-virgin olive oil or almond oil
  • Add 5-10 drops of an essential oil of your choice
  • Combine the mixture and add more scent if necessary
  • Use a small amount for each massage and store after use

6. Look Through Old Photos

As a society, we often feel pressure to spend excessive amounts of money on creating new memories – but do we give enough time to cherishing the ones we’ve already made?

If you’re looking for a zero-waste Valentine’s date night idea, we recommend spending some time looking through your old photos and reflecting on times gone by. Pour yourselves a drink, play some nostalgic music and bring back the memories you might have forgotten.

7. Go Antique Hunting

This date idea is ideal for couples who are building a home together. Buying new furniture on a budget can be great for your bank balance, but it’s not always kind to the planet. When things aren’t made well, they often break quicker and have to be replaced again and again.

In comparison, antique furniture and other home accessories are built to last. If you’re both keen on home decor, why not take a trip to your local charity store or antique shop and root out some treasures? Whenever you use them in future, you’ll think of each other!

8. Make Your Own Pizza

Making your own pizza is a great way to cut out the waste caused by ordering in, all while spending some quality time with the person you love. You can either use pre-made bases or create your own, then add tomato sauce and whatever toppings you desire.

While they’re baking in the oven, have a dance to your favourite songs and cherish the small moments which often matter most.

9. Create Your Own Cocktails

Going out to a bar with your partner is a great way to spend time together, but have you ever considered making your own cocktails instead? This is a great way to use up the leftover booze that’s still hanging around after Christmas, plus, you’ll have a blast while doing it.

Take note of the spirits and mixers you’ve got in the house and grab some garnishes from your local grocery store if you’re running low. Spend a while searching the net for recipes you can create with your ingredients or go rogue and make up your own instead.

10. Rearrange Your Space

This date night idea may seem a little mundane, but decluttering and rearranging the place you spend your time can work wonders for your happiness and wellbeing. If you want to spend Valentine’s Day 2022 productively, pair up and tackle all of the jobs you’ve been avoiding. Fertilize your plants with soil amendment from your FoodCycler, vacuum between the sofa cushions and switch up your home accessories.

Once you’re done, you can put your feet up and watch a movie together in a home that feels like new!


A Note on Terminology

The FoodCycler® is a countertop electric food waste recycler that breaks down food scraps through a mechanical process into a dry, lightweight by-product that can be used in gardening applications as a fertilizer. The FoodCycler® and other electric food waste recyclers are not composters, nor do they produce compost or soil as they do not require additional microbes to break down food waste with bacteria. However, the term "electric composter" has been used to describe the electric food waste recyclers.