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Put your food scraps to work with The FoodCycler™ — the future of food waste.

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The FoodCycler™ is a countertop food waste recycler that:

Reduces food waste by 90%

The FoodCycler™ reduces food waste weight and volume by 90% creating a sterile, odorless and nutrient-rich soil amendment to reuse for your plants or garden.

Adds convenience to your routine

The FoodCycler™ is strategically built to fit into your lifestyle, all year round.

Feeds your garden, not your garbage

By starving the landfills, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and the amount of methane generated from food waste.

Creates a cleaner, greener home

The FoodCycler™ eliminates smelly food waste and associated pests. Plus, it’s energy efficient, which helps reduce your environmental impact.

Starve the landfill, feed the earth

All you have to do is press start and The FoodCycler™ will speed up the natural decomposition process.

How it works

Who came up with The FoodCycler™?

Hey there! We’re Food Cycle Science – a team of waste and environmental experts who have developed the original countertop food recycler to give you the science-backed tools and knowledge you need to take action on food waste.