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10 Things I've Started Doing To Live More Ethically In 2020

From Luci’s Morsels has perfected putting the Easy into Eco.

So, we asked her how she goes eco without losing her mind, and she gave us a list of ten habits she’s adopted for 2020 that have simplified ethical living for her.


Change is certainly hard, but once you get into a routine of using reusable products, like cloth diapers, you actually have to work so much less. You aren’t having to order more or run to the store when you’re out. You always have it! It also cuts down on trips to take the trash out!

If I had to list my top three eco-product replacements, they would look like this:

I must have saved 600 diapers from ending up in landfill by using cloth diapers! Love love LOVE them!

I always have at least one of them in hand. Reusable mugs & bottles are the two things I’ve been using for years and they still are my mainstay when I’m overwhelmed with all the changes I need to make!

Using reusable bags for all my groceries was great, but once I learned about bags for produce and bulk items, I lost my mind. I HATE using those plastic bags. I still almost always come home with something in plastic from the market, but it’s so much less with my mesh bags!


I can’t seem to unsee all the waste that exists in seemingly every walk of life (especially with beauty and cleaning products). Our lives are based around ease and speed. Every activity seems to have something disposed or wasted. I catch myself getting upset or disgusted and that gets me down. I have to watch out and remember that we’re all on this journey, but we’re all at different points.


Switching to more sustainable habits doesn’t happen all at once, but once you’re “all-in” mentally, then some things really stop you in your tracks and you almost always want to scream how difficult it can be to make your life sustainable!


I have to take out the trash so much less! Ok. That’s maybe super lazy and not glamorous at all, but since I’m trying to limit waste, not having as much “trash” feels so wonderful!

It’s easy.
It’s quiet.

It isn’t ugly!

The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but can we take a minute to appreciate that this magical composting machine isn’t a hideous, smelly monstrosity in my kitchen?! It’s sleek and I can keep it on my countertop or in a cupboard - no problem!

Using FoodCycler, I’m also incredibly mindful of how much food waste I create.

I have no problem with the scraps of produce and food that are cut off (e.g. stems, skins, peels, etc.), but I try as hard as I can not to scrape leftovers of any kind into the FoodCycler!!

Using FoodCycler, I’m also incredibly mindful of how much food waste I create.

I have no problem with the scraps of produce and food that are cut off (e.g. stems, skins, peels, etc.), but I try as hard as I can not to scrape leftovers of any kind into the FoodCycler!

I was storing it in the laundry room (just off the kitchen), but now it’s on our countertop. I’m hoping to find a place in the cupboard beneath to store it, but it doesn’t bother me so that I’d want to do it ASAP!

I hate food waste.

Food waste is one of the few things we as individuals have great control over.

At home I can now put any remaining food and scraps into the FoodCycler. When I eat out, however, I can’t, so I’m really trying not to over-order on the food and then trying to either eat everything or bring home enough leftovers for a meal!


You know, rather than focusing on the negative, I’m trying to focus on all the items I’ve stopped disposing of and how many things I’ve saved from landfills (at least 600 diapers at this point! And toothpaste tubes? Who knows!)

There’s no sense it getting bogged down by what I haven’t done when I can rejoice in what I have!


I de-cluttered my mailbox by unsubscribing from recurring mailings and contacting companies to be taken off their lists.

If I were I to lay claim to a motto, it would probably be ‘our environment doesn’t have to be a political statement’.

I got negative feedback on that in the past, so I’m not sure it’s a good one.

But, at the same time, I’m aware (and concerned) that protecting the environment has been made into a political and economic conversation every time I bring it up - but it shouldn’t be!

So, you know what, I’m going to ignore the naysayers!

Protecting our environment does not have to be a political statement in a conversation about poor practices. It’s just common sense!


When FoodCycler asked me what I would say to someone who is just starting out on the eco-living journey, my advice:

Literally anything.

But my tangible suggestions are reusables, like reusable water bottles, reusable bags, and beeswax wraps. Those might seem minor, but it all has to start with one step. Get that habit under control, then add another and another until you’re overwhelmed with how many ways you can start to waste less!


Probably the biggest challenge I encounter in trying to live ethically is the trade-off with ease of living. Ease and convenience - these are things we’ve become accustomed to.

Fast, overnight shipping creates a lot of exhaust - so I'm really trying to avoid this type of "convenience" (even when it's free) whenever I can.

But going green does not have to be difficult. Once you start, it’s hard to stop! One thing leads to another. Just give yourself time, and start making a stand in little ways.


I’ve long thought I was mindful of sustainable living. I had no idea how little I was doing to help, however, and how much more I can do to make a difference. My changes are small and singular, but together they are already starting to add up to less waste, less money spent, and less energy wasted!


Especially when it comes to beauty products.

Our world seems to be entirely plastic. We can’t unmake the plastic that exists, but there are more and more companies recycling plastic into new products. I know of companies using recycled plastic to make containers for produce; thread that can be used to create clothing, luggage, cell phone cases; and so much more.

What’s already been disposed of is a problem that we all so easily ignore. What we can do now is support companies that are helping this reused plastic process!