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FoodCycler® FC-50

Our original FoodCycler®, with its 2.5L bucket capacity and one-touch start, is the ideal convenient kitchen helper for your household. Compact and easy-to-use, this food waste recycler is ready to turn your food waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment - in hours! 

Powerful carbon filter lid 

Easily removable waste bucket

Quiet cycles

Compact design

User friendly and easy to operate

Bucket capacity: < 2.5L

Unit volume: Approx. 30.5L

Dimensions: (H) 14.2” X (W) 11” X (D) 12.6”

Progress indicators: 3 phase LEDs

Power consumption: Approx. 0.8kWh / cycle

Filtration: 2 disposable filters 

Vent location: back

Learn more about what you can and cannot put in your FoodCycler® FC-50


Press start and The Original FoodCycler® FC-50 will do the rest.

Can transform up to 2.5L of food waste per cycle.

Reduces food waste weight/volume by up to 90%.

The FoodCycler® is quiet, odorless, and easy to use.

The by-product can be used in gardens to enrich soil.

The Future of Food Waste™ is innovative. cutting edge. science-backed. here.

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