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FoodCycler® Eco 5™

Eco 5



It's time to say goodbye to household food waste! The Eco 5™ is your clean, convenient kitchen helper, able to reduce 5 litres of food waste by up to 90%, in hours. The powerful Vortech™ Grinding System can break down almost any food waste into a fine, dry by-product while the unit runs quietly and odorlessly - using less than 1.5kWh per cycle. By turning your food waste to plant food with Eco 5™, you're making a huge impact in your kitchen and for the planet!



Transforms food waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment within hours

Features our Vortech™ Grinding system

Removable waste bucket

Refillable carbon filters

Odorless and quiet

5L capacity

New, modern design, easy to use

Bucket capacity: 5L

Unit volume: 28.9L

Dimensions: (H) 13.8” X (W) 13.8” X (D) 10.3”

Progress indicators: real-time progress tracking LEDs

Power consumption: <0.35kWh/L (<1.5kWh/cycle)

Filtration: 1 reusable filter (Carbon pellets)

Vent location: top

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Press start and the Eco 5™ will do the rest.

Clean. Compact. Convenient. The Eco 5™ is a simple, mess-free alternative to traditional composting that fits right in your kitchen.

Send less trash to the landfill. The Eco 5™ reduces food waste to about a tenth of its original volume overnight, turning food scraps into a nutrient-rich Foodilizer you can add to your garden. Happy plants, happy planet.

Fits almost anywhere. The Eco 5™ fits almost anywhere you have about one cubic foot of space and a power outlet. Keep the bucket in the kitchen, under the sink, or by the trash can, and store the Eco 5™ in the garage, in a closet, or on the counter.

With twice the capacity, the Eco 5™ can process double the food waste, leaving less mess behind to clean up.

The Future of Food Waste™ is innovative. cutting edge. science-backed. here.

The easy alternative to composting.