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Inspired by nature, powered by science.


Step One

Place your food waste into The FoodCycler™.

Step Two

The Vortech™ grinding system uses revolutionary technology to pulverize meat, bones, pits, shells, and other food scraps into a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

Step Three

Remove The FoodCycler™ bucket and start using your nutrient rich soil amendment at home.

The Future of Food Waste™ is innovative. cutting edge. science-backed. here.

Discover the power of our revolutionary Vortech™ grinding system.

Transform your food waste into Foodilizer™ and feed your garden.

Foodilizer™ is the organic fertilizer produced by The FoodCycler™

You can use right away or store for later

It’s odorless and safe to handle indoors, free of pathogen and bacteria

Scientifically proven to be beneficial for vegetation growth

Food waste in landfills is 30 times more harmful to the environment than the CO₂ emissions from our vehicles.
0 methane gas is emitted from The FoodCycler™.
A year of food waste in the US = an area the size of California and New York combined.
If we stopped wasting food, it would reduce six to eight percent of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by humans.

The FoodCycler™ produces less particulate matter in the air than alternative food waste diversion methods.

*based on the carbon intensity of Ontario’s power grid

Graph showing amount of particulate matter generated per waste disposal method. From highest to lowest: landfill, centralized composting, backyard composting, foodcycler

The FoodCycler™ is a leader in food waste diversion, producing less CO₂ than landfills and backyard composting.

KG’s of CO₂e produced for each KG of food waste.

*based on the carbon intensity of Ontario’s power grid

Graph showing amount of C02 released per kg of food waster for each method. From highest to lowest: Landfill, Backyard Composting, Foodcycler

Getting started.