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DotheDaniel: A Cityline FoodCycler Review

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DYK Half the food waste that goes to the landfills comes from households? The Eco5 FoodCycler pulverizes food waste into a byproduct containing nutrients that can be helpful for plant growth, but it needs to be mixed in with soil.

This incredible addition to my kitchen works to recycle food waste in 3 phases.

• Phase 1: The drying phase is focused on removing moisture from your food waste.
• Phase 2: The grinding phase continues the drying process, removing any remaining moisture, while the bucket grinding blades agitate and pulverize the food waste.
• Phase 3: The cooling phase is a safety measure to return the processed food waste to near-room temperature, making it safe to handle. Power usage is minimal during the cooling phase.

The by-product can be stored until needed in a sealed container, and can retains nutrients from the food such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium and so on – the exact nutrients will always depend on what waste goes into the FoodCycler (obvi).

Most of the food waste (63%) that is produced is not recycled, it goes into landfills. The small percentage of it that doesn’t go to the landfill is composted. Daily use of the Eco5 FoodCycler diverts over 1400 lbs of food waste per household per year from going into the landfills.

I love it because it’s quiet, odorless, efficient, sleek design, fits anywhere in your home and uses innovative technology. Not to mention, it helps me plan for a fabulous spring in the garden where we try to grow our own veggies to save on money.

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