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What are the specifications?

The FoodCycler® Eco 5TM

Bucket capacity: 5L

Unit volume: 28.9L

Dimensions: (H) 13.8” X (W) 13.8” X (D) 10.3”

Progress indicators: real-time progress tracking LEDs

Processing time: 4-9 hours (overnight)

Power consumption: <0.35kWh/L (<1.5kWh/cycle)

Filtration: 1 reusable filter (Carbon pellets)

Vent location: top

Transmission torque: 24 ft. lbs max

The FoodCycler® FC-30 or FC-50

Dimensions: (W)12.6 " x (H) 14.2 " x (L) 13 "

Weight: (In box) 24 lbs, (out of box) 19 lbs

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